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Is your roof in disrepair? You are probably capable of lay new shingles over current shingles and keep away from the fee of tear-off. If situations are right, new shingles laid over old shingles may be simply as appealing and sturdy as shingles laid on the naked sheathing. Installation is less complicated than for a tear-off task due to the fact you could use the prevailing shingles as guides for laying the brand new ones. But you should take care to put in shingles efficiently so that they lie flat. And a terrific activity entails putting in new flashings as opposed to counting on the prevailing ones.

Reroof jobs are once in a while finished without changing flashings. However, putting in new flashings, such as unique drip-side flashings made for reroofing, will make certain a decent seal and an extended life. Some roofers in Hull set up a layer of water-resistant shingle underlayment (WSU) over the prevailing shingles on the eave end, as might be finished for a roof laid on the naked sheathing. This offers introduced safety towards ice dams.

Asphalt shingles may be laid over cedar shakes or shingles, however, that is a roofing undertaking fine left to pros of roofing companies. Beveled wooden portions called “horsefeathers” should be laid alongside the thick edges of the shakes to make a reasonably flat floor. Before you re-shingle a roof, study our step-by-step manual for including new shingles over old ones.


Remove the ridge caps. Doing it now will make it less complicated to hold the reroofing activity smooth. Use a flat pry bar or roofing shovel to pry out and get rid of the ridge shingles.


Remove air vents and pipe flashings with the aid of using prying out or unscrewing the fasteners protecting the fixture. According to roofers in Hull, if you harm shingles even as doing this, restore the shingles (see subsequent step). Re-use a vent or flashing best if it’s far like new; otherwise, update it with a brand new one as a way to match the hollow or pipe.


If a shingle is torn or cracked, glue the damaged piece again in the area the usage of roofing cement. If the damaged piece is lost, reduce a brand new piece to match the prevailing shingle. The intention is to offer a fairly flat floor for the brand new shingles to lie over, without a gap of more than 1/2 inch.


Using a big broom, brush away all damaged shingle parts, twigs, and another particle that would grow to be trapped below the brand new shingles which you set up. Keep the roof smooth as you work.


At the eave and the rake, set up U-form drip-side flashing made for reroofing jobs. Install the awning first, then place it on the top. The sections should be correctly assembled in the corners. Nail the extra elements into the roof from below, on the inside of the shingles.


If you’ve got an open valley, set up new W-form steel or vinyl valley flashing to match without delay over the old flashing. Attach it with the aid of using nails into the outdoor edges best. Do now no longer force nails much less than 6 inches from the middle of the flashing.


Use a starter strip or reduce portions for a starter route. Rip-reduce the starter strip or starter portions in order that they butt up towards the second route of current shingles and are regardless of the front edge of the prevailing roofing. Attach with nails alongside the pinnacle edge of the strip.


Rip-cut the shingles for the primary route so that they butt up towards the 0.33 route of current shingles and are regardless of the front edge of the starter route. Their tab slots need to now no longer line up with the tab slots of the starter route if there are any. Nail the shingles simply above the tab slots. Roofers in Hull’s Tip: The thicker the brand new shingle, the higher it’ll conceal any imperfections withinside the roofing below. It’s a terrific concept to apply at the least 40-12 months shingles; architectural shingles are a good higher choice.


Butt the succeeding guides of shingles towards the bottoms of current shingles and observe them with the aid of using nails above the tab slots. Snap vertical manage lines; there may be no want to snap horizontal lines. Be certain the brand new tab slots do now no longer align with the old ones.


Once you’ve got mounted shingles simply beyond a plumbing vent, set up the flashing piece so it’ll lie on the top of roofing at its backside however be included with roofing at its pinnacle. Depending on the width of the pipe, you can want to rip away a section or of the rubber boot. Apply roofing cement, slide the flashing on the pipe, and make it lies flat at the roof.


Install air vents in a comparable manner. For each plumbing-vent flashing and air vent, you may want to reduce the shingle above to head across the flashing after which set up the shingle.


Where you meet a chimney or facet wall, set up step flashing. Apply a shingle, then a chunk of flashing, then shingle, and so on, in order that every piece of flashing rests on top of the lower route and is included with the aid of using the higher route. You’ll want to pry the siding outward to slide withinside the flashing; in a few cases, you may just get rid of the siding.


Protect the step flashing with counterflashing. On a chimney, use a grinder to reduce an indentation into the mortar. Cut and bend the counterflashing to in shape snugly into the reduced mortar and to cover at the least three inches of the step flashing. Apply mortar with a caulking gun and flashing should be set into the mortar.


Install roofing on each aspect of a ridge and reduce them in order that they butt carefully collectively however do now no longer overlap. Cut shingles into ridge caps. Snap traces on both facets and set up the caps.


At the rake, snap a line at once above the edge of the prevailing shingles. Cut with a utility knife; you may need to apply a straightedge. You may discover it less difficult in case you first reduce from beneath the usage of the prevailing shingles as a slicing guide.


It will be better if you hire any roofers in Hull to do the roofing job perfectly. Re-roofing existing shingles might be difficult for you but not for Safeway Roofing Yorkshire. Our team is highly skilled for every job.

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