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Terms and Conditions

SCL Roofing, as SCL Roofing (“we,” “us,” “our”), will carry out the works specified in this agreement (the “Work” or “Works”) for you at the premises specified in the agreement. This will be done in accordance with these terms and conditions and any Specification of Works signed by both parties.

Our Commitments

  • Quality Materials: We will use good quality materials.
  • Material Descriptions: We will supply materials as described in the Specification of Works. Note that slight variations in colour, shade, texture, and consistency may occur, and we are not responsible for such variations caused by manufacturing, storage, or usage. Natural aggregates may contain metals that cause rust staining, and we cannot predict or be held responsible for this or for efflorescence in high cement or resin content products.
  • Care and Minimization of Disturbance: We will use care to minimise disturbance during the preparation, execution, and completion of the Work. However, some disturbance to the premises and surrounding areas is inevitable.
  • Compliance with Instructions: We will carry out the Work according to your reasonable instructions, provided they align with the terms of this agreement and the Specification of Works.
  • Improvements and Variations: We may improve our products, materials, and methods and vary specifications to reflect improvements or changes in legal, safety, or regulatory standards, provided these do not significantly affect performance or appearance.
  • Pricing: We will provide a total price as set out in this agreement.

Your Commitments

  • Payment Terms: Pay the deposit upon signing this agreement, 50% of the balance upon completion of groundwork, and the remaining 50% upon completion of the Works (unless specified otherwise in this agreement). Payments should be timely and made by bank transfer.
  • Late Payments: Late payments will incur daily interest at 3% above the Bank of England base rate, along with reasonable administration costs (e.g., solicitor or debt collection agency fees).
  • VAT: Pay applicable VAT as per the invoice date.
  • Permissions: Obtain necessary permissions for the Works from relevant authorities or entities.
  • Access: Provide us with reasonable access to the premises for carrying out the Work and any necessary corrections or repairs.
  • Aftercare: Take responsibility for the aftercare of the Works once installation is complete, including curing times for materials used. If we cannot perform a sand sweep for block paving, you must do so and we will provide instructions.
  • Signage and Photography: Allow us to display signage with our name and contact details and to take photographs or moving images of the Works for marketing and promotional purposes, ensuring personal information and car registration numbers are obscured.

Additional Charges

The cost of the Works is based on the assumption that excavation will be normal sub-soil without hidden obstacles. We reserve the right to charge for additional work due to unforeseen circumstances like rock, unstable ground, excess water, or undisclosed pipes or conduits. We will inform you of the nature and likely charge for such additional work. If additional charges exceed 40% of the agreed sum, you may cancel this agreement, provided you pay for the Work performed up to that point, reinstatement, and any third-party costs. If you request additional work beyond the scope of this agreement, we will agree on a price, and you must pay this additional amount.

Total Cost

The total cost payable is set out in this agreement. If the price cannot be reasonably calculated in advance, it will be based on material costs per square metre. We reserve the right to charge the full price for correct measurements if initially provided measurements are inaccurate.

Commencement and Completion

We will endeavour to start Work on the estimated installation date specified in this agreement. We are not responsible for delays caused by circumstances beyond our control, such as strikes, adverse weather, utility failures, or supplier issues. We will notify you of the intended start date and accommodate reasonable requests to delay Works up to 14 days, subject to availability.

Title and Liability

Title to goods supplied remains with us until full payment is received. We are not liable for damage to Works caused by algae, chemicals, neglect, misuse, natural occurrences, unauthorised repairs, or failure to follow care instructions. We cannot be held responsible for damage to improperly installed utility services or for weed and moss growth between paving blocks.

Notice of the Right to Cancel

Any cancellation made after 14 days from the booking date will result in a cancellation fee* depending on the nature of the job. This fee is calculated based on the loss of materials, labour costs, and any other expenses incurred by SCL. The specific amount will be communicated to you at the time of cancellation.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, both parties confirm their understanding and acceptance of their respective responsibilities and obligations

For Further Information please contact us on:

Email: info@safewayroofingyorkshire.com
Contact Number: 08003032303