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The Yorkshire winters can cause a lot of trouble for homeowners, especially around the time when there is excessive snowfall and snowstorms. Ice dams on your roof become an inevitable fate with such weather conditions. These end up causing poor ventilation in your home and may also cause water damage. People have often reported destroyed gutter systems that are very costly to repair. Roofers in Yorkshire have always advised people to be prepared for such hazards beforehand and can repair the ventilation and insulation of the home for you, but there are a few steps you can try out to get rid of those ice dams in the best way possible without bringing in any serious damage to your roof.

Ice dams are usually caused by a few layers of ice that are built up along the gutters of the roof. This ice blocks the drainage system of the house and causes issues. There are two main causes of these problems, poor attic insulation in the house and low roof ventilation. Roof ventilation is a very important element in homes that releases heat in areas that require a hot temperature. Melted snow from ice dams can penetrate your house and if one fails to address these problems, they can be very problematic. These can result in water stains, leakage, roof shingles damage, molds, and fungal growth, and much more. There are many temporary solutions given by roofers in Yorkshire for people to try out. They can lessen the chance of damage for the homeowner and help in protecting the roof.


The first and foremost thing you can do is remove the ice dam by using a snow rake. Inspect your roof thoroughly and check for places with bulk ice formations. They will be thick and easy to notice for you. Scrape them off slowly by using the snow rake. Check the edges of the roof, the gutters, downspouts, and any other place where there may be ice build-up. Once all the places are identified, scrape off the ice using the rake. Make sure to do it in a downward motion so that you do not end up hurting yourself.


Another very common way to remove ice was illustrated by roofers in Yorkshire as the use of ice picks. To do so, you will need to climb up on a ladder and access the areas of your roof that are not that easy to get to. Rest the ladder against a wall and use an ice pick to reach into inner parts of gutters, downspouts, and all the other places on your roof.


The local hardware store or home improvement stores can help you out with that product. Roofers in Yorkshire may also have the products for you. These products have certain chemicals that help speed up the process of melting.


The easiest hack to getting rid of ice dams on the roof is the use of warm water. This is a very simple do-it-yourself trick that you can apply in your home, but the solution is very temporary. All your need for this trick is an empty bottle and lots of warm water. Make sure to handle the water with care as you might not want to burn yourself in the process of de-icing your house roof. Spray the water on the ice until the ice melts and wait for the ice to melt naturally.


Another thing you can do is fan the attic area on the house and let the ice flow naturally in the gutters of the place. Just make sure that the air you are directing into the gutters is facing the directions where the ice is built up and that can help you melt the ice naturally in no time.


Roofers in Yorkshire are always available to help you out with these steps, or if the situation starts to get bad for your roof and you need professional help. The make sure that your safety is your priority and you take all the necessary precautions. Make sure that if your roof needs to be inspected, you call a licensed roofer in Yorkshire to take a look for you. Make sure that you take care of your home during the harsh weather. Conditions as it may get worse in the wintertime again.

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