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How much snow is too much Snow for your Roof


With record-setting snowfalls expected this winter yet again, the same question arises in the heads of all homeowners. How much snow is too much snow for my roof? Question no further as roofers in Leeds are available to answer all your questions about roof snow and how to remove it. Every year, dozens of roofs collapse around the world due to heavy snow buildup on them. And not being able to take the weight of the roof. It is a good idea for homeowners to get the snow removed from their roofs. But that advice needs caution as roofs are very dangerous. More often than not, removing snow can be a potential risk for anyone if done without proper roofing equipment.

Roofers in Leeds

have long been helping out homeowners in their constant hassle with snow stuck up on their roofs. They have the adequate machinery and experience to de-ice the roof for them in no time, without any potential issues or future problems for the homeowner. The weight of the snow on one’s roof depends on the nature of the snow that is being accumulated on it. When it comes to fresh snow accumulated on your roof, the roof can take up to 4 ft of snow before it starts to be a hazard. On the other hand, if it is packed snow, your roof can not take more than 30cm of that snow. Furthermore, if your roof is experiencing ice dams, it is extremely crucial to get help and de-ice the roof as soon as possible.

There may be a few factors that contribute to icing on the roof. Poor Attic Insulation – An attic with negative insulation permits warmness to escape. The warmness is liable for melting the snow above the roof. When it melts, the water will run via the wall and alongside the standard go-out points. However, whilst there’s now no longer sufficient warmness, the water will refreeze specifically in the course of iciness forming undesirable ice layers. Another factor is the lack of Roof Ventilation – Roof airflow is a vital detail that releases warmness inside the proper places. However, in case your roof has inadequate airflow, it cannot air out extra warmness. Again, the trapped warmness will soften the snow. The melted snow should probably block the drainage device whilst it refreezes.

The first step you may take as a homeowner is to visually look into your roofing. See wherein the majority of ice formations are. Check the gutters, edges, downspouts, etc. When you’ve recognized particular regions wherein you may locate ice dams. Use a snow rake to eliminate them. Use it to scrape-off snow build-ups in a downward motion. You can also use an ice pick for removing ice. For this technique, you can climb up a ladder to get entry to difficult to attain regions where ice dams are present. Another safety reminder, ensure that the ladder rests against a sturdy wall far from obstructions. This is to keep away from injuries and the dangers of falling.

Using an ice pick, reach into the inner elements of gutters and downspouts. Prick the ice dams with warning till they crack and chip away. Be cautious with coping with the ice select-out as it can harm the roof itself or you can harm yourself. Lastly, you can also use chemical products. You can check the closest nearby hardware or home development shops for ice-melting products. They contain chemical substances consisting of ammonium sulfate, calcium magnesium acetate, etc. which could efficiently soften the ice. They are available in tablet or crystal form. Distribute the product lightly directly to the affected areas.

As you can notice, all of those easy steps are quite doable. Yes, you can carry out them yourselves. However, continually are seeking to prioritize your very own protection and protection. Keep in mind that those are the best short-time period remedies. What your roof wishes are long-time period answers so one can hold it in a good circumstance no matter the weather.


Do not by no means take away the truth which you want to have an authorized roofer look into and keep your roof. They may be capable of offering the right checks of what remedies need to be done. Some skilled roofers use high-stress steam to soften ice whilst others behaviour specialized methods. Those need to best be executed with the aid of using roofing contractors who have the right education and tools. Roofers in Leeds are here to help you out with your roofing needs at your beck and call. However, we recommend that you do not go about de-icing your roof without first getting a property inspection of your property and the ice layers accumulated on it.

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