Safety Tips when Installing an EPDM Roof


Safety Tips when Installing an EPDM Roof

epdm-roofingEPDM roofing is getting increasing popularity, now no longer simplest because of their ease of application manner. However due to their toughness and performance. At Safeway Roofing Yorkshire we show video tutorials on our social media channels and step by step on a way to apply an EPDM roof. It is essential that fitness and protection suggestions are saved in thoughts in any respect times. EPDM roof take precise gear in addition to endurance and perseverance to put in and make certain the excessive high-satisfactory of the roof. Before strolling thru the setup manner, this weblog submits consists of tips and hints that you may use while finishing the setup of an EPDM roofing.

Read the product packaging cautiously

Although this can appear rather obvious, it is simple to miss a few essential information in guidance manuals and technical facts. Working with adhesives, primers, and robust chemical compounds. You want to make certain you’re absolutely clued up at the manner of setup, and any health and protection dangers. These may be flammable or pose fitness dangers so following the commands and facts cautiously is relatively essential at some point in the setup manner.

For example, while the usage of flammable products, keep away from smoking and uncovered flames. If that is the case with your substances, it’s miles critical to familiarise yourself with any symbols on the packaging that could constitute those dangers.


Clothing and protection

It is vital to make certain you’re wearing suitable apparel while putting in an EPDM roof. Key objects of defensive apparel might also additionally include;

  • Protection Glasses/Goggles
  • Properly Gripping Shoes
  • Chemical Resistant Gloves
  • Defensive and Hard Apparel 

Although you might imagine throwing on a few old free becoming apparel. That is sincerely possibly one of the maximum risky errors developers and tradesmen make while putting in roofs. Baggy apparel can in reality very effortlessly get stuck below or on surfaces, stuck on gear, or hiking up into excessive surfaces just like the roof. All of those dangers can reason severe damage so it’s miles critical to put on apparel that has great stability of each consolation and moveability, without compromising for your protection.

Breathing and airflow

Breathing and airflow also are massive protection dangers while handling chemical compounds and fumes. Adhesives include robust chemical compounds that may be unfavorable for your health if now no longer used with precaution. These chemical compounds assist the rubber bond and consequently are typically the maximum unfavourable to air high-satisfactory and airflow. If you begin to experience dizziness, throat or eye irritation or turn out to be lightheaded. Take a break and get a few clean breaths of air far from the chemical compounds.

Be cautious working at the height

Although the roof you may be running on and making plans to put in maybe a flat roof, there are nevertheless risks from working at heights, even on flat surfaces. Make positive all surfaces you want to move around are void of any clutter or device that could reason you to trip and fall. It has been predicted withinside the past that almost all accidents are due to falls, instead of some other danger that incorporates working on a roof.

roofers-in-cliffeDon’t work alone

This might be one of the maximum essential points of recommendation we continually provide to everybody task an excessive danger task. Even if the alternative man or woman or humans aren’t without delay working at the setup. It’s miles critical to have a crew round to guide you, mainly in case you are to come across any problem with both a setup task or damage. 2 units of palms are some distance higher than one while overcoming any limitations that could occur.

 The Installation manner of EPDM roof

The first step of the setup method is ensuring your roof’s floor is easy and tidy. This now no longer simplest prevents any lumps, however guarantees the glue sticks to everything on the floor.

It is then time to place the EPDM roof membrane in the vicinity you want to cover. It is suggested that when rolled out and positioned withinside the preferred position, depart the cloth for 20 or half an hour to permit for any creasing or folds to clean out.

Water-primarily based totally adhesive desires to then be carried out to the decking even as 1/2 of the membrane is pulled again. Take be aware that it needs to be above five stages to apply water-primarily based totally adhesive each at some stage in and following set up for 48hrs. Apply water-primarily based totally adhesive to the deck with a curler then roll out the membrane from the center outwards to keep away from wrinkles

Whilst drying, keep away from dragging your toes or setting any heavy gadgets on the roof.


1. Read labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) on all adhesives, primers, and sealants for appropriate warnings and precautions. These substances are extraordinarily flammable. Care must be taken to stay away from fire. Our crew doesn’t smoke while the usage of those products.

2. Adhesives have to be utilized in a properly ventilated vicinity. Avoid breathing smoke. Close home windows and clean-air-intakes vents to save you fumes from getting into the home.

3. Avoid contact of the adhesive with pores, skin, and eyes. Our team is always wearing a protective suit and device (protection glasses) so they will stay fine and can take care of the roof.

4. Read all the ladder manufacturer’s precautions and protective orders. Surfaces may be slippery while moist or frost-covered. Always work with an associate and by no means together along with you again to the roof’s edge! It’s better to contact roofers and save yourself from any harm.

5. When attaching slings to the roof deck, keep them away from electrical wires or pipes/plumbing fixtures.

6. Do now no longer defloration membrane without delay in touch with new or re-saturated asphalt products. For better results, you can always contact us.

7. There will be no more membrane growth or additives at 180 ° F or higher.

8. Roofing on wet ground is not the best way to install a roof. All moist substances have to get replaced previous to the installations of the roofing membrane.

9 We endorse minimal effective drainage of 1/8” in 12” so that it will keep away from ponding water.

10. We use the best products, consisting of oil or bituminous-primarily based totally roof cement or coatings, which will void the warranty.

For extra intensive facts concerning the whole thing of EPDM roofing consisting of the setup procedure, take a look at our weblog here. Safeway Roofing Yorkshire is always here to help you out.

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