Tiled Roofing

TiledroofOne of the most common and popular materials used in the UK, especially on domestic homes roof tiles and they are perfect for tiled roofing services. Designed to make fitting faster than slate, Safeway Roofing Yorkshire provides a full range of clay and concrete tiles to match any colour.


We offer following services:

  • New roof installations and planning
  • Full and comprehensive roof tiles service
  • Choice of clay or concrete tiles
    Colour and environment matching service
  • Tiled roofing accessories


The sheets used under tile roofs depreciate fast than a slate roof. It gets difficult to repair tile roofs once the underlying sheets has weakened to the point of leaking. At that point, the tile roof is hard to repair which can cause water leakages. Therefore, it is imperative to repair any tile roof problems before they become major financial problems for the homeowner.


Quality and safety measures are always our first priority, which results through using all the right equipment for completely safe working areas. Our team of roofers have all the necessary experience and skills to provide a complete job which saves you money and stress. Please do not ignore roofing problems which can cost you more in the long run as more extensive damage could be caused as a result during windy or wet conditions.


We pride ourselves in excellent quality traditional roofing services and are committed to our customers satisfaction. Safeway Roofing Yorkshire offers you Flat Roofing, EPDM Rubber Roofing, Fibre Glass Roofing, Single ply Roofing. Guttering, Chimneys, Slate Roofing, Tiled Roofing, Lead Work and Sheet Metal Roofing services. Safeway Roofing Yorkshire, offers you high quality products made from high quality goods which gives you durability, reliability and high performance. Safeway Roofing Yorkshire offers you services in Yorkshire and surrounding areas. For inspection and free quotes, please contact us on 08003032303.