How To Find A Good Roofer UK

How To Find A Good Roofer UK

Roofing Repairs London

Are you looking for a A Good Roofer in UK ? If so, we are the company you should call. Our roofing repair services are available in different parts of London. We can handle everything from simple repairs to complete replacement. We offer emergency services and repairs for roofs, regardless of their condition. Our company are fully licensed and insured to handle roofing repair or replacement jobs.

Choosing A Roofer

When choosing A Good Roofer in UK, you should consider your choice very carefully, and you are advised to check them out before employing them. If you employ an excellent reputable roofing contractor in terms of price, reliability, and artistry, the potential for problems will be significantly reduced.

Also, consider the following points:

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Select up to three roofing contractors to look at the job. If possible, obtain recommendations from family, friends, neighbors, or a reputable trade association.

Ask each of them to advise on which materials they would suggest using to check a good roofing in UK.

Invite quotes from each contractor but do not automatically take the cheapest option. Base your choice on the quality of the advice given and your confidence in the contractor.

Ask for a guarantee on new or refurbishment work. NFRC recommends purchasing an Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) which backs up but is independent of the contractor’s guarantee.

Remember that ‘estimates’ for refurbishment work can change once the chosen contractor has removed the main covering (e.g., tiles/ slates) to expose the sub-structure underneath.

Agree on payment terms before the work commences. Be careful on upfront payments to ensure you know what you are getting for any upfront payment. It may not be easy to get monies back.

Don’t expect to obtain free advice from contractors unless you genuinely intend to assign the contract to them.

Our Services

Flat Roofing

From brand new flat roofing installations to repair and lead replacement, Safeway Roofing in Yorkshire offer a range of services, depending on your requirements. We listen to your specific requirements so that we can customize our services for you. It can be applied to any residential property with improved and modernized roofing techniques, including houses with extensions, conservatories, flats, outbuildings, and garages. Our solutions allow us to perfectly match the style and required effect and give an enduring finish.


Be cautious about your guttering services. Otherwise, they will start to show signs of trouble. Blockage and leaking can occur, and guttering can disrupt your property, but Safeway Roofing Yorkshire has covered you. 


Safeway Roofing Yorkshire specializes in chimney services installation, repair, and cleaning. We are serving both domestic and commercial clients. Designing or constructing a chimney, minor chimney repairs, and cleaning, we provide you with the best solutions for you.

Slate Roofing

Are you looking for the best and most trustable slate roofing contractor? Our highly trained and experienced roofing experts can install a new roof, repair, or maintenance for your slate roof. 

Tiled Roof

One of the most common and popular materials used in the UK, especially on domestic homes roof tiles, and they are perfect for tiled roofing services. Designed to make fitting faster than slate, Safeway Roofing Yorkshire provides a full range of clay and concrete tiles to match any color.

 We offer the following services:

New roof installations and planning

Complete and comprehensive roof tiles service

Choice of clay or concrete tiles color and environment matching service

Tiled roofing accessories

Sheet Metal Roof

As we are roofing contractors, Safeway Roofing Yorkshire goes all-out to provide a complete and professional service every time. Our team handles projects of any size or scale; whether you need a sheet metal roof for a brand-new commercial roof or require the assistance of home roofing experts, Safeway Roofing Yorkshire Roofing is here to help.